Worley steunt COVID-19 Emergency Appeal Habitat India
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Road to Recovery 2.0

De COVID-19 pandemie heeft het Indiase gezondheidssysteem in een diepe crisis gestort. Met Habitats “Road to Recovery 2.0 COVID-19 Response” ondersteunen onze collega’s van Habitat India de meest kwetsbare gemeenschappen gedurende deze dodelijke tweede coronagolf in het land.

Worley en Habitat India slaan de handen ineen om fondsen te werven voor Habitat Care Centers, om ziekenhuizen te voorzien van materiaal en om Family Essential kits te distribueren met essentiele hygiëne producten. Worley heeft haar medewerkers wereldwijd gevraagd om deze actie te ondersteunen, inclusief alle medewerkers in Nederland.

Het werk van Habitat wordt mogelijk gemaakt door donaties. Er is nog zoveel te doen! Jouw bijdrage helpt ons om ons bereik en onze impact te vergroten. Help je mee?

Doneer aan Habitat’s India “Road to Recovery 2.0 COVID-19 Response”. En red levens.

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Habitat Care Centres

In partnership with local governments and on-ground partners, Habitat India is setting up Habitat Care Centres to equip underused healthcare or government buildings and create a surge capacity of:

  • oxygen concentrators
  • drinking water
  • hygiene facilities
  • beds and mattresses
  • hygiene products
  • sufficient PPE for healthcare workers

Habitat Care Centres will augment existing medical infrastructure and support vulnerable individuals with safe shelter to isolate or quarantine, keeping families safe and preventing transmission.

The centres are designed to treat mild and moderate symptomatic and positive cases, helping to prevent the overloading of existing healthcare infrastructure. Once set up, HCCs are handed over to the hospital which who looks after the people affected by COVID-19.

Habitat for Humanity India has worked with the local government partners in some of the worst-hit states to identify the next ten priority healthcare centres needed. Each Centre hosts between 60 and 100 beds (at a 6-foot distance to allow for appropriate distancing and hygiene control measures) depending on size and location.

At the moment we are focusing our efforts to build new Covid-19 Care Centres in Maharashtra (Pune and Ahmednagar), Uttar Pradesh (Ayodhya and Noida) and Rajasthan (Alwar).


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