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Marianela Holly
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Hello everyone, I would like to share with you this beautiful opportunity that I am about to experience.

I'm currently working as a graphic designer and photographer for Holex USA.

I have been selected as part of a team of 12 people who have the mission to help in the construction of homes for needed families in Zambia near Kabwe from November 9 - 16th 2019.

I am proud to be part of The Dutch Flower Group 2019 and Habitat for Humanity. I feel honored to participate in this activity and will put all the effort necessary to reach the commission goals. I love the opportunity to share with Zambian people, learn from their culture and experience day to day life. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

I would appreciate your kindness supporting this campaign to generate an outstanding improvement in the life quality of a few families in Zambia.

For donations, open the button below.

Thank you!

Marianela Holly

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€25 03-12-2019 | 14:22 I am helping to build a better future every day, with the best attitude and with a heart full of love!
€25 07-11-2019 | 17:31 Helping to build a better future. I would like to see more happy people!
€75 01-11-2019 | 23:32
€25 24-10-2019 | 08:41
€25 23-10-2019 | 22:05 Marianela te deseo una estancia ,que sea muy provechosa en tu evolución espiritual y que encuentres la paz y la prosperidad que mereces.y toda aventura sea con mucho éxito y amor como lo eres tu....
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Personal blog by Marianela

12-11-2019 | 20:50 Finally I’m living my first experience with Habitat for Humanity Zambia. I never imagined all that I can find here. I see the most sweetest people ever. They teach me how we can respect cultures. We think that we need to change they're lives, but the only thing that we can do is respect their environment. We try to bring happiness and more opportunities to their lives. I never received, apart from my family, só much love. It is very difficult to explain my feelings seeing all the beautiful kids smiling and running towards us to give us hugs and love. I can't describe this feeling. I’ve never experienced something like this. It's very difficult to understand how they live and what happiness they have. And this is the best lesson ever they can teach us. We need less to live better. All material things apparently put us away to our divinity and we don’t feel our souls and our real lives. We need to reconnect to our roots to be connected with our light. Helping building a house in hot weather, with a lot of dust, is nothing compared to all the love we are receiving.I’m very blessed for all the opportunities that God brings me and also for the things I am seeing I never saw before.I invite all people to help this NGO Habitat for Humanity so they can bring more happiness and create more opportunities to the Kabwe people in Zambia.Thank you Duch Flower Group for giving me this amazing opportunity and thank you Habitat for letting me live this experience!Thank you again,Marianela Holly   Find an album with all our pictures here
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