Everyone deserves a secure home base!

Joël Gerritsen
from €2,500 (110%)

When I hear the word "home," I immediately think of a safe place. A place where nothing is mandatory, and everything is allowed. Where you can be completely yourself. A few years ago, when my parents got divorced, I experienced what it's like not to have such a place.

Fortunately, I got the chance to rebuild my home, but not everyone has that opportunity. That's why I would like to contribute in creating someone's safe place, someone's home.

In May 2024, a group of 20 Happy Rebels from various organizations within the House of HR will be working on a Habitat for Humanity project in Africa, specifically in Malawi. For an entire week, they will dedicate themselves to assisting in building and renovating homes in a local community.

To fund this journey, I need your help! Will you assist me in creating a safe home base for someone?

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€10 12-05-2024 | 21:18 Mooi doel Joël!
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€15 10-05-2024 | 15:42 Succes Joel!! goeie actie van jou :D
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