Zambia Project Update

18-07-2021 | 09:32

Thank you all for your donations in 2019 and 2020 to this important, Habitat for Humanity project in Zambia.  Here is a bit more information about the results of this project.


Clean water is a valuable but rare commodity in many Zambian homes. In the COVID-19 era, it has now been realized that everyone needs to have quick and consistent access to it. 

All donations have gone to Habitat Zambia to build homes, upgrade existing boreholes in the community, and introduce solar pump systems. This increased free access to safe and clean drinking water for over 1000 people while promoting good hygiene practices to 2.000 people through promotional campaign activities.

The water pump works completely on solar energy. The solar panels are attached to the roofs of Habitat houses. Pipes are drawn underground from a solar water pump to different water tap points in the community.

Families now have access to clean and safe water, and the upgraded system also extends the water network through pipes, bringing water closer to the peoples' trading places and homes. This has brought about positive change, as they no longer stand in long lines to get water. This will also curb the system of young girls walking long distances to access water, at the expense of school and at times, their safety.