Building a better future together

Jeffrey Bosch

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Very excited to be going on this building trip to Kenya with my wife. Together making a difference, by giving a family a safe home, something we all take for granted. Please support us by donating whatever you can spare. Thank you!

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€50 17-02-2024 | 09:25 Giving your time and love to help others is absolutely amazing. You and Clare are doing so much good!
€35 16-02-2024 | 00:42
€50 11-02-2024 | 19:05
€50 07-02-2024 | 05:58 Het is toch gewoon top als je je inzet om mee te gaan bouwen voor een betere wereld!
€25 05-02-2024 | 17:01 Mooi doen! Fijne tijd daar Clare, Jeffrey & Anco!