Building Hope: Transforming Lives in Malawi

Inès Vermeir
from €2,500 (129%)

I'm thrilled to share that I am selected for an incredible opportunity alongside 19 other passionate individuals: a nine-day journey to Malawi, Africa, organized by House of HR in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. 🙏

Together, we'll be transforming communities by building houses and creating homes for a local community in Kabadula, Malawi, a village near the capital city of Lilongwe. Over half of Malawi's population, a staggering 52%, lives below the poverty line. Many families are unable to access affordable housing, proper sanitation facilities, and basic amenities. Your support for our mission in Malawi is vital. By providing safe housing, we offer more than shelter, we provide hope and opportunity. Join us in making a real difference in the lives of families striving for a brighter future in Malawi, one brick at a time. Habitat for Humanity has helped over 75.000 families since 1986, you can find out more about the realizations in Malawi here (

I'm ready to challenge myself, make unforgettable memories, and most importantly, effect positive change. At House of HR, we're not just happy rebels, we're happy rebels with a cause! 

Curious about upcoming fundraising initiatives? Stay updated by visiting my website Road To Malawi ( We have exciting events planned, including a spaghetti bolognaise contest, a family walk, a bike wash, and more on the horizon. 

Let's build not just houses, but dreams and futures together. 🫶

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