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A good and safe home is the best foundation for a better life. It means better health, better education and a better life. Habitat for Humanity believes that housing is a basic right, and we think so too! Therefore, we started this sponsor campaign for Habitat.

In Uganda, Habitat not only builds houses: they also provide young people with vocational training, so that they can work as carpenters or tailors. After the training, the young people receive a starter kit, with which they can start their business immediately. Such a starter kit costs € 200. With a house and an income, these vulnerable young people now have the basis to become self-reliant.

Do you also want to contribute? You can immediately click on the button below. Your contribution will certainly turn out well! Thanks in advance! Together we build a better life.


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€5 10-05-2021 | 11:04
€50 29-04-2021 | 14:30 I told my family about the organization and they were willing to donate!
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€10 22-04-2021 | 14:29