Shelter for Ukraine refugees

Solidarity, support and shelter
As the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, some 2 million refugees have fled into Poland, Romania, and Hungary. As an organization that has been supporting shelter needs worldwide Habitat responded immediately in the neighboring countries: Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

Our teams of shelter experts are already working with other aid organizations and government officials at the border in Romania and Hungary and we are collaborating with partners on an appropriate response in Poland and Slovakia. We offer exhausted refugees a first safe place for them to gather their strengths and help with their first basic needs.

With predictions of millions of refugees arriving and looking to settle across Romania, Hungary and chiefly Poland, we know that the biggest challenge facing host communities is an existing housing deficit which can only be exacerbated by the huge influx of refugees. That is why Habitat is already working on the next step making arrangements where refugees can be offered long term shelter enabling them to start building back their lives for better or worse.

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Habitats help for the refugees from the Ukraine consists of three phases: read all about it here >> 

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€50 02-05-2022 | 15:10 To: Onderdak voor vluchtelingen uit Oekraine
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€300 27-04-2022 | 17:41 Als trotse ambassadeur van Habitat probeer ik iedereen op de hoogte te brengen van wat Habitat doet. Ook op Koningsdag tijdens het verkopen van gepimpte meubeltjes waarvan de opbrengst naar Habitat gaat!
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Renovating University Dorms for Refugees in Romania

25-04-2022 | 18:01 As of the 12th April 2022, over 700,000 refugees have arrived into Romania after having fled the conflict in Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war, Habitat for Humanity Romania have been supporting refugees to help them access safe shelter. At present, one way that Habitat for Humanity Romania are responding is by refurbishing disused and empty spaces to turn them into safe shelter for refugees arriving from Ukraine.For 5 long years, dormitory rooms at the Technical Construction University in Bucharest laid empty and unused. When the war in Ukraine began, the Technical Construction University realised the potential for these empty spaces to become decent housing and made the decision to partner with Habitat for Humanity to renovate and open the rooms to those who need a safe place to stay. Renovation of the Technical Construction University dormitory rooms in Bucharest, Romania   By partnering with the Technical Construction University and with support of the Municipality of Bucharest, Habitat for Humanity have successfully refurbished these empty spaces and turned them into decent and comfortable rooms.Activities to renovate the rooms into safe shelters include refurbishing and installing insulation and essential instillations, designing and building fully equipped kitchens and creating dining spaces with tables and chairs. “Mothers urgently need access to a kitchen where they can cook for the little ones” –Roberto Pătrășcoiu, National Director at Habitat for Humanity Romania At present, around 200 people are now staying in the dormitory rooms. Of those staying at the university’s renovated rooms, the majority of residents are mothers with over 70 young children. Refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Galați, Romania, make their way to buses and vans that will take them to shelter where they can rest and regroup after traveling for days.   In the majority of cases, the refurbished rooms will serve refugees in the mid-term by enabling them to call the university home for 1-3 months. In other instances, the dormitory rooms will also act as transitional shelters for people on the move that are only in need of short-term shelter before moving on to somewhere new. We at Habitat for Humanity continue to support refugees arriving into the neighbouring countries of Romania, Poland and Hungary. If you would like to support our response you can click here to donate >>
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