Dam-tot-Damloop 2018: September 23

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On September 23rd one of the biggest running events in the world will take place again in Amsterdam: the Dam tot Damloop! Fifty thousand runners are able to participate in the 34th edition of the Dam tot Damloop on Sunday 23 September. What makes this event so special are the great atmosphere, the unique passage through the IJtunnel, it being one of the biggest business runs in the world, and the start and finish are located in two different cities.The main distance is 10 English Mile.

This year Habitat will bring a running team to the start for the sixth time: 20 people will run and raise funds for Habitat for Humanity Netherlands.Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action worldwide.

You can help! Run the Dam-tot-Damloop in our team and mobilize your network to sponsor you. Combine being active with a fundraiser! Click Join the team and run for Habitat!

All team members are asked for a registration fee of € 25 and to raise funds for Habitat, a minimum target of another € 125 for our project in Cambodia. We will arrange your starting ticket, you will get a Habitat running shirt and ofcourse we will help you with all information, tips and tricks needed to raise sponsors!

Want to know more about the Dam tot Damloop? Please check http://www.damloop.nl/en/introduction/

Rosalie van Zeijts

Do you want to join our Damloop team? 
Click 'I join the team' below to subscribe. We will ask you to pay the registration fee and you can directly start your fundraiser. Of course we will help you with all information, tips and tricks needed to raise sponsors!

What can I expect from Habitat?
We will register you with the Damloop organisation for your starting ticket and you will get a running shirt. 

Date and time
De 10 mile Damloop is on September 23rd. Starting time is not final yet, but will be around 11.00 o'clock

More info on the Damloop

What does Habitat do with the fundraising money?
This year the money raised by the Damloop team will go to a project in Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. After more than 25 years of civil war and oppression by the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia has been able to seriously reduce poverty in the country. However, many people living in rural areas still lack basic rights and necessities.

Habitat Cambodia is committed to improving the lives of those living in rural areas. Besides building and improving homes, Habitat also focuses on improving water- and sanitation facilities for the poorest and most vulnerable families. For these families a new, decent house means a new start. Furthermore, no longer having to worry about living conditions means that families can now fully focus on creating a new future for themselves.

With your fundraising money you will help build a new future for the families in Cambodia!

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€ 50 09-10-2018 | 07:22 To: Sundance - Home #2 - Cambodia I did not want to pay until I made sure you were actually going to run it AGAIN!!! You are too much Dorjath!!!
€ 25 07-10-2018 | 12:50 To: Sundance - Home #2 - Cambodia
€ 50 07-10-2018 | 09:02 To: Sundance - Home #2 - Cambodia
€ 25 06-10-2018 | 23:53 To: Sundance - Home #2 - Cambodia Good luck, bud ! So proud of you . "Keep chasing and achieving your dreams", like you used to say <3. In thoughts with you tomorrow for this big challenge !
€ 50 05-10-2018 | 21:03 To: Sundance - Home #2 - Cambodia Best of luck for the marathon!
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“Thank you so much for supporting my family. Wishing you success in all you do.”

28-06-2019 | 10:35 Beste Habitat Damloper of donateur aan een Habitat Damloper, Graag stellen we je voor aan Mel en haar gezin. Een van de gezinnen die begin dit jaar konden verhuizen dankzij alle donaties op sponsoracties van de Habitat Damlopers van 2018! Mel is 28 jaar oud. Haar gezin bestaat uit vier leden: haar man Mai, hun dochter Sophy (18 maanden) en hun zoon Phy (1 maand) Het gezin woont in een kleine gemeenschap vlakbij Siem Reap, in het Angkor Thom district. De meeste mensen in deze gemeenschap werken als boer op het land en sommigen gaan elke dag naar de stad Siem Reap om daar te werken in de bouw of in restaurants. Ook dit gezin leeft onder de armoedegrens en verdient hun geld met tijdelijke arbeid. Ze werken altijd allebei, zodat ze in ieder geval voldoende te eten hebben. Sok Mel werkte op een boerderij, maar sinds ze kinderen hebben, vlecht ze manden. Ze verkoopt de manden op de markt voor $ 1,15 per mand. Het voordeel van mandenvlechten is dat ze het thuis kan doen, zodat ze voor de kinderen kan blijven zorgen, terwijl ze geld verdient. Ook Mai verdient zijn geld met boerenwerk op het land van anderen. Soms reist hij naar Thailand om geld te verdienen. Het oude huis van Sok Mel en Mai was vervallen. De muren waren gemaakt van palmbladeren en het dak van oude zinken platen. “Before it was difficult to live in our house, while it was windy or raining. I always got out of my house because of the roof and walls are leaking and shaking, it was not safe because the pillars are old.” Het project in Cambodja Alle Habitat huizen in dit project in Cambodja krijgen een toilet en sanitaire voorzieningen en toegang tot veilig drinkwater. Ook regelt Habitat Cambodja voor alle huiseigenaren een training in goede hygienische gewoontes en in het onderhouden van hun huis. Een grote verbetering in de kwaliteit van het leven van de nieuwe huiseigenaren.   Mel Sok en Mai wonen nu in een veilig huis en dankzij het schone drinkwater en het toilet zijn ze niet meer zo vaak ziek. Het gezin voelt zich veel veiliger en comfortabeler nu.  “Extremely happy” Na hun verhuizing en de trainingen van Habitat Cambodja, spraken we Mel: “I feel extremely happy and it is changing my family completely better than before. Besides this, the repaired house it provides me and my family a new life”. Ze voegt er nog aan toe: “I sleep good at night as I don’t worry anymore about rain and wind. I feel safe when I go out far from my house to work and getting better health through education on clean water, sanitation and hygiene and using the toilet properly.” “Thank you so much for supporting my family. Wishing you success in all you do.”     
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