Build with us!

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Does your organization want to help build a better life for families in developing countries? You can do so on! We offer corporates and organizations the possibility to be socially involved in an easy way.
Do you want to contribute to Habitat’s cause in honor of a special occasion or does your organization want a partnership with Habitat? There are many possibilities.

Your own corporate fundraising page
With your own corporate page you’ll be able to start fundraising for Habitat. Moreover, it allows you to invite all your colleagues, relations and suppliers to build with you. You can keep everyone involved and up to date on your fundraising action.

Would you like more information on a collaboration with Habitat and your own corporate page on Please contact us at 020 - 800 29 70 or We will gladly explain the possibilities.

Do you want to start fundraising immediately?
You can always start fundraising without a corporate page: click on ‘Build with us!’ and create your own fundraising page! Tell us why your organization wants to build with Habitat and share your page with your connections.

Together we build better lives


Karin Nas