Together we build better lives for people in North-Macedonia

Roel Hellemons
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Beste sponsor, helaas heeft Habitat als gevolg van het Corona virus moeten besluiten om alle bouwprogramma's voor 2020 uit te stellen. Uiteraard begrijpen en ondersteunen we dit. 
Vanwege de onzekere situatie biedt Habitat de mogelijkheid je sponsorgeld retour te ontvangen. Wens je hier gebruik van te maken, neem dan contact op met Habitat via

Zodra er meer zicht is op de ontwikkelingen informeer ik je.



A good and safe home is the foundation of a better life. Many families in Macedonia live in overcrowded homes with parents or grandparents and cannot afford new apartments. To address the need, Habitat started construction of an entire housing complex in Veles, an industrial city in the center of the country. In March 2020, together with 14 collegues of Eindhoven Airport I will go to Veles to assist with this important project. 

Please support us and the people of Veles by clicking on the button below. Your financial contribution will be very much appreciated and well spent! 

Thank you so much!


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