Ik ga met Expeditie Habitat naar Nepal. Help jij mee?

Martijn W
from €3.000 (9%)

In November 2020 I will be going on a special expedition to build houses in Nepal, and for this I need your help!

In 2015 a severe earthquake hit Nepal, which killed almost 9.000 people and injured nearly 22.000. It is said to be the worst natural disaster in Nepal since 1934. Several villages in the region were devastated and hundred of thousands of people were all of a sudden made homeless. Many of these people are still not living in 'normal' houses and live in shacks or with their families.

Habitat for Humanity decided that it is time to help these less fortunate people and organized a special expedition, in which earthquake proof houses for nearly 40 families will be build. The hard labour will be done by the members of the expedition team and local construction workers. I am joining Habitat for Humanity on this mission by raising funding and helping building houses for three days.

If you would be willing to help, that would be much appreciated. All funding will go directly to the purchase of the construction material and the payment of the local construction workers. (Of course) I will be paying for my flight, transport, food, stays, etc. myself.

Every little bit counts and is much appreciated. You can donate by clicking on the button below.
Many thanks,


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