Manon Bemelmans-Smulders

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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you want to do something extra for people who don't have the same advantages as we have? No Time, no is your chance to help and make a difference.

ARP Netherlands supports Habitat for Humanity and I want to be a part of that. Don't you? The groundwork has been done!
2 of our colleagues that are able to find the most people willing to help this cause will get the opportunity really get their hands dirty. Help me to go to Cambodia and actually build that house!!

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€10 17-05-2018 | 00:00 Goed bezig Manon!
€30 08-05-2018 | 00:00 Good luck Manon. Really good initiative
€30 14-04-2018 | 00:00 Keep my fingers cross that you will be building your house soon!
€50 13-04-2018 | 00:00
€25 09-04-2018 | 00:00 I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out. A great project that I am happy to support. Manon for President :-)