Helping to build a future

Joanne Thomson
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Following on from amazing and unforgettable building trips to India in 2017, then Cambodia in 2018 and this year Guatemala, i have signed up once again for a further Habitat buidling trip to Nepal in March 2020. Many of my building buddies from previous trips will be joining me. A fantastic team of people who are all determined to create a better future for families who have nothing. We take for granted that our own families live in a safe, dry and healthy environment. But there are so many people in the world who do not have this luxury. Together with Habitat we can make a difference and help them to build a future.

The aftermath of the terrible earthquakes in Nepal are still very apparant and many families have nothing and are still living in awful and unhealthy conditions. 

Help me to help them and sponsor me. All funds raised will help to pay not only for the trip but also the building materials and local labour costs.

Every bit will help. So thank you for your support.


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