Sundance #5.Homes for Those Fleeing the Ukraine.Valencia Marathon 2022

Jill Dorjath

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I'll be running the 'Dam tot Damloop' in the Netherlands in September, and a marathon in Valencia, Spain this December. I'm doing this to raise money to help people fleeing the horrible situation in the Ukraine.

Over 3 million people have now fled the violence there. Habitat is on site in Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Together with other relief organizations and the local authorities, they are offering exhausted refugees a first, safe place to rest as well as help for people who had to leave everything they had behind.
In Romania, Habitat colleagues distribute emergency travel kits to families and have started a great collaboration with a number of hotel chains so that the most vulnerable families can also stay for a few nights in a safe hotel room. Ultimately, more permanent solutions are needed in the long term for Ukrainians being displaced by the war. That's why Habitat is also exploring opportunities to make a larger and substantial contribution to the long-standing housing shortage that has only gotten bigger and narrower due to this crisis.
Your donation makes a difference for refugees from #Ukraine . Please donate today to help make an impact.


"The future depends on what you do today." - Mahatma Ghandi