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♡ Building with Habitat for Humanity ♡

Every little bit helps! So many of us choose a good cause, close to their hearts, to raise awareness and hopefully more...

Mine is building with our 'Hammers & Heels' group...

♡ Building with Habitat for Humanity ♡

You can create your own personalized poster to draw attention to this fundraising page. After printing the poster you can hang it in a shop, a café window or a community bulletin board. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to help and also put up a poster in their home, school or work place. Most people are willing to help but be sure to ask permission first.

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€ 50 18-11-2019 | 02:59 Every brick helps
€ 25 08-11-2019 | 19:36
€ 25 05-11-2019 | 16:00
€ 25 05-11-2019 | 11:46 PayPal test from UK (and Spain) works a treat, thanks IT-team!
€ 500 27-10-2019 | 09:31 It's that time again, our third project kicks off soon and please help us build! 2016: Lake Atitlan Guatemala 2018: Batticaloa, Sri Lanka 2020: Indonesia Contribute a little to help us build a lot. We all have roofs over our heads and food on our shelves so let's share so others have a better and safer home: We have been digging to lay foundations in 2015, cut and built the re-bar structure. We built some loos (more digging but some of you may think I like to dig myself into a hole) We also built some kitchen stoves so people can cook safely without smoke (and we learned how to wield some more tools) And in 2017 we learned how to mix and lay concrete in Batticaloa, to help provide houses for those still living in temporary accommodation since tje is civil war. Our days work: take a great big shovel, fill buckets with sand and carry them, fill buckets with cement, carry them, fill buckets with water, same again, mix it all, shovel it in buckets and 'weer een lijntje maken' to the house and poor! Et voila! Just like baking a cake!