Support our project with Habitat for Humanity

Esther Regina
from € 2.800 (50%)


♡ May 2020: Building with Habitat for Humanity ♡

Every little bit helps! So many of us choose a good cause close to our hearts, raising awareness and hopefully more...

Mine is building with our all girls 'Hammers & Heels' team...

2016 Lake Atitland Guatemala 

2018 Batticaloa Sri Lanka

2020 Indonesia

♡ The best wishes for 2020 ♡

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€ 15 31-01-2020 | 15:48
€ 500 31-01-2020 | 15:06 Looking forward to the next adventure and to roll up my sleeves!
€ 100 10-01-2020 | 11:40 Good work Esther. Work hard!
€ 25 27-12-2019 | 11:11 Well done Esther for supporting this great cause again!
€ 50 24-12-2019 | 15:35