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You can help in many different ways – participate in a marathon, organize an auction, bake cookies, or go on a weeklong trip to build a safe and decent home for a family in a developing country. Everything is possible.

Register for one of our events or start an event of your own. Create your own fundraising page and involve your family, friends and colleagues. Habitat will support your fundraiser with tips and tricks and we will provide you with all materials needed to make your event a success!
Or do you want to participate in a Global Village trip? If so, go to Global Village teams and register for the trip of a lifetime.

Whatever you decide to do, every contribution will be greatly appreciated! Together we will build a home and a future for many more families.

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Create your fundraising page or join a team with friends, co-workers, your sports team or class mates. Take a look at these inspiring examples.

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Day 5 Inci

18-05-2024 | 08:50 Posted on: [copy] [copy] [copy] Day 5After visiting the vegetable market, where you can buy veggies, fruits (we tried the bao bao and also the tamarind for the first time), spare parts, sardines and, - if you pass the river - clothes an shoes as well. We started our trip back to the village. After 4 days it felt like driving home, because we already knew the people of the village and they knew us and our songs. The moment we stepped out of the bus the kids of the village and the women were already there to greet us with traditional Malawian songs. And, since we all love to sing and dance we joined in at an instant.Of course we still wanted to help with the houses and cleaned out the bricks and dust before we went to the traditional ceremony.Once there, we were overwhelmed by the people of the village and the kids that waited for us. At this point it is hard to find the words to describe the emotions and feelings, so I will stick to the program.After the Team of Habitat and the Chief of the village welcomed us and expressed their gratitude, Lisa, Mathieu and Franzi held their moving speeches. We enjoyed the women dancing traditional Malawian dances and afterwards we had to perform a show because we wanted to thank everyone for this great experience as well as for welcoming us into the village family. The joy of everyone when cocomela was performed was incredible :).To close the ceremony we were surprised by a incredible local meal, cooked by the locals, which was shared with everybody from the Habitat and the volunteer team as well as the family's and the kids.After that, it was time for the final Goodbye. So, we visited all 3 family's and their houses, accompanied by the kids. This was the most emotional hour of the whole week. With a lot of hugs and warm words, we sadly said our goodbyes with the hope of visiting everyone again. Sitting in the bus and knowing we will not come back for a long time was hard for all of us. But, having the privilege to change the lives of Zakaria, Lizineti, Namlangeni and their families made it possible to walk away with a happy face.
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WSP Nederland B.V.

17-05-2024 | 08:24 To: Ik bouw mee met Habitat. Samen bouwen we een beter leven.