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You can help in many different ways – participate in a marathon, organize an auction, bake cookies, or go on a weeklong trip to build a safe and decent home for a family in a developing country. Everything is possible.

Register for one of our events or start an event of your own. Create your own fundraising page and involve your family, friends and colleagues. Habitat will support your fundraiser with tips and tricks and we will provide you with all materials needed to make your event a success!
Or do you want to participate in a Global Village trip? If so, go to Global Village teams and register for the trip of a lifetime.

Whatever you decide to do, every contribution will be greatly appreciated! Together we will build a home and a future for many more families.

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Mon 22 april

23-04-2019 | 07:05   This was supposed to be building day 2, but instead we are hanging around in our hotel. The curfew has lifted and people are out in the street, but not many. There is military everywhere and across from our hotel entrance are at least 6 men stationed permanently. I walked out of the hotel to have a look in the street and they gave me a wave and a thumbs up. I waved back and resisted the urge to cross the street to have a chat with them. This morning I already spoke to one of the hotel staff, who had lost a 15 year old nephew in the blast here in Negombo. He blamed Muslims, and straight away, because of the way he said it, I understood why the government of Sri Lanka blocked social media. People will go out into the street and fight. Yesterday on the day of the attacks one of our group was wearing a very appropriate T-shirt completely by coincidence, it read: Peace is the message.  We spend time in the pool with everyone this morning, playing with a ball. We had a lot of fun, it was nice to think about something different. Sitting in the hotel lobby now listening to the constant phone calls Anko and Francis are making it doesn't seem likely we will stay. If it was up to us we would, but we are not the ones making the decisions.  In the grand scheme of things we are lucky, none of us are hurt, but I can't help but feel we have failed. A stupid feeling, because this isn't about us. I set a goal on Saturday to work hard and finish a house in 6 days. As I am writing this that goal is fading in the distance. If this is the end of the trip, I hope we will come back one day. And I expect to find the same loving people, but in more need then ever! Already there is talk in the hotel of cancelled bookings and because of this a potential temporary closure of the hotel with the loss of jobs. People who can't afford to lose more then they already have.  Jeffrey Posted on: Namasté 6
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