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Tue 23 April

24-04-2019 | 09:28  Our last full day in Sri Lanka. We are trying to make the best of it despite the huge disappointment. A no touch water polo match in the pool escalated to scoring goals by lifting an opponent with the ball into the goal. Some of the guys are building a volleyball net on the beach to play volleyball after lunch. It is difficult to describe how we all feel. Because this is not a holiday and it is also not a building trip anymore. We are not allowed to leave the hotel, the only place we can go is behind the hotel on the beach and in the sea. But, and I know this sounds strange, it feels a bit like a beautiful prison.    My mind wonders a bit and I remember things I haven't mentioned from the last few days. When we where at the building site building the house for Lily-Margaret and her daughter Samantha we asked where Samantha was. It transpired that because of her mental illness she got really angry the night before. The family where worried that we would see her like that, so they told her to sit under a tree in a field, so she would be out of the way. When we asked about her they went to get her and she was lovely to us. Surprising her own family! Without a shadow of a doubt we would have build a good relationship with her over the course of the week.   Thinking back to Monday the 22nd. I'm sitting in the lobby slowly realising that we are not going to build anymore, because people thousands of miles away are making decision on our behalf. Again slowly realising it is not just on our behalf, but also on behalf of all the families we are helping. Because if something happens to us, you bet that less people, if any, would be enthusiastic to go on a Habitat building trip and in the process the people we build for will not be supported anymore. This is highlighted when Francis tells us that all trips to Sri Lanka have been cancelled up to December already. A huge blow for Habitat Sri Lanka, who mainly rely on teams coming to them from overseas.    Then Anko tells us officially that we are going home. In what he says is his worst speech ever. We all disagree. We are so gutted, it is hard to imagine what it must be like to have to tell this news to your friends and family sitting at the table, looking them in the eyes knowing that all they want is to stay.    After lunch a suggestion is made to build sand castles on the beach. At least we are building something. We make two teams and get half an hour to build a big sand castle. Soon we attract the attention of the locals. They seem impressed and start to tell us that they have lost family in the blasts. Because our traditional football match has also been cancelled we invite them for a game on the beach. Including locals in our activities is the only thing we can do to help in this situation.    Back to today, Tue 23rd. After lunch we play charades under the big tree in the garden of the hotel. It brings us some shade and with the wind picking up it feels rather pleasant. But maybe we are just getting used to the heat. Step out into the sun at your own risk, it is incredibly hot.   Undeterred we start our volleyball match on the beach in the glaring sun. Again the locals join in, although they don't really know what to do. The day passes and it feels like a waiting game until we go home. Around 17:30 we all come together for the big quiz, what do we still remember from all the presentations we gave about Sri Lanka before we went? Both teams do very well and it is a close win for team Lieneke. Then each of us stands up to say something about the trip. Everything that is said comes straight from the heart and I feel incredibly lucky that I am experiencing this trip with this team. Every single one of them is an amazing person and I feel we are ending this trip in a worthy way.    When I stand up I suggest that the moment Habitat will send building teams back to Sri Lanka we should be the first ones to go. Not only because we have unfinished business, but we have to show that this country is worth going to. After we came back from Malawi with all the positive stories we had, 5 teams followed us there! It has a massive impact. Sri Lanka has had a big negative impact to deal with at the moment, and we will do everything we can to turn that around and show that positive people far outweigh the negative and destructive.    Jeffrey   Posted on: Namasté 6
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